Do Re Mi Canberra Music Academy


All of our teaching programs are tailored to the ability of the student. After assessing the level of a student goals are set and a program is developed that will achieve these goals. Specific goals can be reached in a 10 week program when practice schedules are followed. The programs are designed to improve your general music knowledge and technical abilities so that each student can get the most out of music. AMEB concerts and end of semester concerts give students goals and an opportunity to perform, attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.  
Learn the Violin
Learn the Guitar or BAss
Guitar & Bass
In the strings program you will learn
 - Fun music that keeps you motivated withclassical 
and contemporary repertoire..
 - Important techniques to get the best tone
 - As much or as little music theory to get you playing
 - The correct posture so you can play your best
 - How to play with others to get you read for ensembles
Our guitar program will allow you to
 - Play along to your favorite songs
 - Improvise over any chords
- Play classical, rock, folk or contemporary styles
 - Play all the chords and scales
 - Jam with others as either rhythm or lead
 - Produce the tone you are after
Piano Lessons
Singing Lessons
The piano program will give you
 - Essential techniques to play the piano
 - The confidence to play for yourself or others
 - The ability to accompany or play along with others
 - As much or as little music theory as you need so you know the scales and chords to play what you want
 - A broad and well balanced repertoire
Take our singing program if you want to
 - Learn to sing in tune with your own style
 - Have the best posture to raise the rafters
 - Learn to express and articulate the songs emotion
 - Sing anything from Rock, Pop and Opera
- Sing scales and harmony
 - Have the confidence to sing to and with others
Music Theory Lessons
Play ensemble music
Kids Group
The kids program will enable them to
 - Understand rhythm and pitch
- Learn and sing songs with other
- Appreciate different types of music
 - Engage with a group and learn
to make music with others
 - Dance and have fun!
Music is more fun when you do it with others
Join the ensemble program to
 - Learn the skills to play with other musicians
- Sing harmonies, conduct and arrange parts
 - Get a broader view of putting music together
 - Improve faster by watching how other play
 - Get rock solid rhythm by playing in a group

Times and Prices

All one on one lessons run for half an hour. Cost $38 per lesson
Kids group lessons run for 1 hour. Cost $25
Group instrument and ensemble lessons run for 45 minutes. Cost $25 per lesson*
Tell a friend!! Get a free lesson with every successful referral.**

*Group lessons only available with group size is three or more
​** Referred clients must sign up for a full term for discount to be given.